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Original Fatplant Triptych

Original Fatplant Triptych

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Size: 920 x 620mm each (Framed with synthetic wood) x3

Acrylic media on black board

Elevate your home with the timeless allure of our Classic Contemporary Fatplant Triptych—a masterpiece designed to transform your space into a sanctuary of modern elegance. 

Immerse your walls in a botanical symphony, where each canvas breathes life into your surroundings, capturing the essence of nature in a bold, contemporary style.

Discover the perfect blend of classic sophistication and contemporary flair as our Fatplant Triptych takes center stage in your home. Its vibrant yet calming presence brings a touch of modernity to any room, creating an atmosphere that resonates with both style and tranquility.

Revitalize your living space and embrace the art of transformation. Elevate your home with the enduring charm of our Classic Contemporary Fatplant Triptych—a statement piece that transcends trends, leaving a lasting impression on your walls and in your heart. 

Ready-to-hang framed canvases

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