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Having a positive and uplifting atmosphere in your living space is not a coincidence, it requires a thoughtful and intentional approach to design. The ambiance of our surroundings can significantly affect our emotional state, productivity, and overall health. That's why it's time to ditch dull and lifeless walls and embrace the opportunity to craft your own personalized sanctuary. A space where you can relax, entertain guests, and bask in the energy of your surroundings, be it a peaceful oasis or an invigorating haven.  

Take a moment to discover the art possibilities below and explore the potential of your living space.



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"Experience authentic, original art from my studio to your home."

Marcia bauermeister

About me

I love beauty, freedom and adventure.
I'm interested in people, the beauty and simplicity of nature.

I am Marcia Bauermeister, a South African artist known for my unique and original semi abstract style of contemporary art. My art business and full-time hobby takes me between Somerset West and the Keisie Valley just outside of Montagu, where I draw inspiration from the beautiful surroundings to create my art.

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  • "Wonderful experience with Marcia on a personalised art request. She captured the emotions behind the picture perfectly for which I will be forever thankful. I am sure my living room wall is very thankful for the four pictures it is decorated with now as well!"

    - Marlene DB

  • "Marcia, thank you for the exceptional masterpiece you have blessed us with. It exceeded our expectations completely. Thank you for becoming a part of our journey while creating our art piece and complete our wish with a loving heart, passionate talent, most amazing attention to detail and going out of your way to understand and customise our needs. You are an absolute superstar with a heart of gold and exceptional talent. We can not thank you enough. We and everyone entering our home and seeing your art are in awe!"

    - Liezel W

  • "For me to own an art piece from Marcia is like owning a piece of happiness. Everytime I look at her art I get so much joy from it. I'm amazed by Marcia's diverse capabilities by using different mediums to create such beauty. There is absolutely nothing she cannot create. Thank you Marcia for sharing your passion and talent."

    - Berna VH