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Original African Wild dogs

Original African Wild dogs

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Size: 900 x 500mm

Oil based media on stretched canvas

Unleash the untamed spirit of the African bush with a captivating African Wild Dogs art piece—a symphony of playfulness, movement, and boundless energy that encapsulates the thrill of the wilderness.

Imagine the spirited dance of these wild dogs, their playful antics echoing through the vast African bush veld. The unique black on white canvas effortlessly captures the essence of their freedom, depicting the wild, untamed beauty of Africa in a one-of-a-kind style.

The simplicity of the design mirrors the spaciousness of the open African landscapes, creating a visual escape right in your own home.

Let this masterpiece transport you to the heart of the wild—feel the pulse of the savannah, the rush of wind, and the thrill of being surrounded by the untamed. Own a piece of Africa, where the canvas becomes a portal to the wild and free. 

Transform your space into a sanctuary of exhilaration and bring the untamed energy of African Wild Dogs into your life.

Ready-to-hang canvas with optional framing at additional cost. Currently unframed. Please contact me should you require a quote for framing.

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